GRANBY, Quebec - Eutectic Canada has launched its next-generation gas atomizer program that enables the company to produce the highest quality thermal spray and PTA coating powders in its ISO-9001 certified manufacturing facility in Granby, Quebec.

“The new gas atomizer reflects our ongoing commitment to bring the latest technology to our customers. We trust this investment will strengthen our leadership in both NAFTA and international markets,” says Gordon Roseborough, President and CEO of Eutectic Canada.

With the evolution of recent technology for plasma transferred arc welding (PTAW), laser-clad coatings and the need to reduce environmental impact when compared to hard chrome plating, there is an increasing demand for gas-atomized powders. The gas atomizer will enhance the development and in-house production of industry-leading wear solutions.

Eutectic Canada is now producing quality metal and metal-matrix powders to provide higher cost benefits and longer component life cycles. These powders are manufactured using the latest gas atomization process, producing perfectly spherical particles that result in high-density, porosity-free deposits. The unique alloy properties require minimal heat input and achieve high deposition rates. The alloy range includes self-fluxing alloys in nickel, cobalt and copper, as well as metals and metal alloys to meet ASTM and customer specifications. The gas atomizer also has a special feature to allow high-pressure atomization for fine-powder production.

The unique alloy properties feature reduced heat input with higher deposition rates. These features provide outstanding benefits, including increased productivity; reduced energy, powder and labor costs; low dilution and minimal HAZ; less part distortion; reduced carbide loss and degradation; and reduced cracking.

The refined particle size also guarantees consistent powder quality and maximum integrity of the coating properties.

These advanced thermal spray powders are engineered for the protection and restoration of high wear parts and can be used for many applications across a wide spectrum of industries.

Castolin Eutectic meets the most demanding applications with a variety of specialized coating technologies including spray fusion, PTAW, laser cladding and HVOF. The new gas atomizer now produces superior quality powders for enhanced optimization of these processes. Castolin Eutectic is a worldwide leader of application solutions in maintenance, repair and wear protection with more than 100 years of experience in welding, brazing and thermal spraying technologies.