FLAMATT, Switzerland – Developer and manufacturer of electron beam solutions, ebeam Technologies, announced the installation of an EBLab at Zhongshan EB Curing Technologies Co. Limited (EBC). A technology startup, EBC is focused on the research and development, application, and promotion of electron beam curing and is located in Zhongshan Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, in Zhongshan City, China.

The EBLab from ebeam Technologies is a standalone, compact and simple-to-use unit that allows business innovation teams to play with parameters and explore the frontiers in the use of electron beam processing.

With the installation of an EBLab from ebeam Technologies, EBC’s technical research team will be able to develop new electron beam curing systems that reduce cost and complexity, streamlining manufacturing while increasing automation and delivering efficiency and sustainability benefits to the manufacturing process in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, print and package converting. EBC will support its customers through the industrialization process and customization of electron beam applications from the research and investigation of products and processes to pilot plant tests to final mass production.

“At EBC, we are dedicated to using our knowledge, skills and the latest innovative technology to challenge and disrupt the status quo in China, where inferior quality, low efficiency, high energy consumption and emissions have characterized the curing industry. Our mission is to help end-user customers understand ebeam technology, and harness its benefits for maximum commercial and environmental sustainability gain,” said Alex Chen CEO at EBC. “The EBLab is a key business driver for us as we work to facilitate the use of electron beam solutions in China and creating tangible new value for our customers.”

“Alex and his team at EBC have over 20 years experience in curing technologies between them. The fact that they have set up their company to be entirely focused on developing ebeam curing solutions for the China market, as opposed to UV or heat technologies, is a testament to the undoubted business, energy efficiency and environmental benefits of ebeam,” said Steve Yue, Business Development and Sales Manager of ebeam China. “Our EBLab solution provides everything required to perform trials in a safe, reliable and flexible way. With its help, EBC will be able to rapidly develop a variety of applications and products before constructing pilot lines for presenting solutions to prospective customers. We are looking forward to working closely with EBC on its journey to revolutionize the curing industry in China.”