COLUMBUS, OH - The Powder Coating Institute has named its 2015-16 scholarship recipients and recently recognized them at the PC Symposium in Columbus, OH. The scholarship recipients participated in the symposium to further enhance their learning and networking. 

The Powder Coating Institute’s Materials Technology Committee administers the scholarship program and works with the Powder Coating Institute staff to promote and solicit scholarship applications from students and education institutions. The scholarship fund continues to grow and attract bright new talent to the industrial coatings technologies, including polymer science, manufacturing and engineering. The Powder Coating Institute 2015-16 Scholarship Program awarded $10,000 collectively.

The following students who were awarded scholarships this year: Ozlem Kubra Akdogan, Atman Fozdar, and Milena María Garay Tovar. Akdogan is a polymer engineer currently pursuing her master’s degree in polymers and coatings at Eastern Michigan University. Fozdar, who holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Indus University in Ahmedabad, India, is currently pursuing a M.Sc. in polymers and coatings technology at Eastern Michigan University. Fozdar is the President of the Polymers and Coatings Advanced Materials Club (PCAM) at Eastern Michigan University, which provides a great networking platform for students to connect with professors, industry leaders and experts. Tovar is a chemist with specialized training in material design and 10 years of experience in quality management and R&D of coatings and polymers. Tovar holds a Master of Science in Polymers and Coatings Technology and is a current student at Eastern Michigan University.