AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands - A biocide-free anti-slime coating developed by AkzoNobel's Marine Coatings business has been named overall winner of the ICIS Innovation Awards for 2015.

Intersleek 1100SR, part of the company's International® range, is the first foul-release coating to work against slime. By cutting down on drag, it offers ship operators major fuel savings, resulting in lower emissions. It also enables owners who switch from a biocidal antifouling to earn carbon credits.

The pioneering technology not only won the Best Product Innovation category, but was also judged the clear overall winner by a panel of seven industry innovation experts. The panel noted that AkzoNobel had shown innovation in three key areas: in the design and use of a novel, rapid, high-throughput screening process; in the chemistry of the fluoropolymer-based coating itself, and in the way it has allowed ship operators to qualify for carbon credits.

"This award is fantastic recognition of the pioneering work carried out by our scientists to develop sustainable innovations with real benefits for our customers," said David Williams, Research Director for AkzoNobel's Marine Coatings business. "Intersleek 1100SR is a transforming technology for the marine industry, tackling the age-old problem of slime and offering substantial reductions in fuel consumption and carbon emissions."

ICIS is a leading provider of information services to the chemical and energy industries. The ICIS Innovation Awards recognize outstanding technological and business innovation in the chemical industry.

Commenting on this year's competition, John Baker, ICIS Editor and awards organizer, said, "This year's awards attracted a record entry and led to a very robust discussion as the judges debated the merits of the leading entries. As in previous years, the innovations before the judges showcased a wide range of excellent products and processes with the potential to make important an impact in their respective markets and reduce environmental impacts."

AkzoNobel was also involved in another of the category winners. Enerkem's novel technology to produce renewable chemicals and biofuels from non-recyclable waste topped the Best Business Innovation category. AkzoNobel is part of a Dutch partnership working with Enerkem to develop the new technology.