BOSTON — Consulting firm Frost & Sullivan announced that NBD Nano's InvisiPrint® won its New Product Innovation Award for anti-fingerprint coatings in the electronics industry.

The award comes after Frost & Sullivan interviewed several leading manufacturers of anti-fingerprint coatings. Based on the report, InvisiPrint offers several key competitive advantages over existing products in the market, which include 10-times superior strength at hiding fingerprint smudges, fluorine-free attributes, and competitive durability and processing strength.

"NBD is honored to be recognized for our unique ability to help customers in the electronics industry hide fingerprint smudges. Our InvisiPrint solution is poised to become the leading solution in the electronics industry, and we welcome the acknowledgment by Frost & Sullivan," said Miguel Galvez, co-founder of NBD Nano and lead inventor of InvisiPrint.

The Frost & Sullivan award criteria include technological innovation, market readiness and commercial viability to name a select few. NBD's InvisiPrint addresses each criterion for its unique approach to hiding fingerprints on product surfaces. Furthermore, the anti-fingerprint market has stagnated, lacking new technological developments in recent history. Traditional anti-fingerprint coatings are based on perfluoropolyether technology, which was introduced over 20 years ago. NBD's solution is based on oleophilic technology and offers a new way to render fingerprints invisible by matching the index refraction of fingerprints with the glass substrate, as opposed to simply making fingerprint smudges easy to clean.

The award confirms NBD's commitment to innovation and collaboration with major consumer electronics manufacturers. "InvisiPrint's counter-intuitive technique is extremely effective at hiding fingerprints," said Nina Smith, NBD's Vice President of Global Sales. "This award places InvisiPrint as a benchmark solution in the anti-fingerprint coatings market, and we value the recognition from Frost & Sullivan."