STRATHROY, Ontario/CAMPBELL, CA — The Sansin Corp. announced that DayCor Avenue Paints and Wallpaper, a retailer of paint and home improvement coatings for the contractor and homeowner in the San Francisco Bay Area, will carry Sansin’s interior and exterior wood protection products.

“DayCor Avenue Paints and Wallpaper began carrying Sansin products in June 2015, and we are thrilled to have rapidly built a relationship with a company as reputable and successful as DayCor Avenue Paints and Wallpaper,” said Sjoerd Bos, Vice President, Sansin. “They are committed to providing customized service along with high quality products, providing a great resource for homeowners and contractors in the Campbell area.”

The independently owned store is located at 3487 S. Bascom Avenue in Campbell, CA.