STOCKHOLM - The Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, Mikael Damberg, joined Stora Enso CEO, Karl-Henrik Sundström, at the company’s official inauguration of its new Innovation Centre.

The Innovation Centre for biomaterials will host research, application, business development and strategic marketing, all under one roof. By creating renewable solutions and products from second-generation biomass, such as wood, in order to replace fossil-based products, the center is addressing problems such as climate change, increased urbanization, and water and land use issues.

“The Innovation Centre in Stockholm is another important step on the road to Stora Enso’s transformation into a renewable materials company. It will help us build on our long, worldwide tradition in forestry, which – when coupled with access to sustainable raw materials and our expertise in fibers – gives us an excellent starting point for creating solutions that will benefit our customers and end-users in various industries and markets,” said Karl-Henrik Sundström, CEO at Stora Enso.

“Specifically, the center will help to boost innovation by identifying business opportunities in the markets for renewable materials and bio-based chemicals. We will link our own expertise with leading research centers, universities and business partners,” said Arno van de Ven, SVP, Head of Innovation in Stora Enso’s Biomaterials division.

Currently, there are 40 people working in the center, and it is estimated that by the end of 2017 it will employ around 100 people, recruited both from inside of the company as well as externally. The Innovation Centre includes a state-of-the art laboratory and is located in the greater Stockholm area in Nacka, Sweden.