HELSINKI, Finland - Stora Enso announced that it is concentrating its new biomaterials business development in an Innovation Centre to be located in the Stockholm area of Sweden. The center, which will open during the second quarter of 2015, will host research, application, business development and strategic marketing.

The center will boost innovation by identifying business opportunities in the renewable materials market and linking them with leading innovation and research centers in business and academia. It will be staffed with Stora Enso employees currently working in Sweden, Finland and Germany.

“We are convinced that our access to biomass, in combination with our expertise in forestry worldwide, will benefit our customers in new, innovative ways in the future. Our goal is to develop a competitive offering serving customers in multiple industries and markets, while adding value to our current cellulosic streams,” said Karl-Henrik Sundström, CEO of Stora Enso.

“We facilitate creative thinking and cross-functional interaction by consolidating R&D and business development under one roof. Additionally, it is important to create a close link to leading innovation and research centers in this field – both at academic and business levels,” said Dr. Antonio Batistini, Head of Innovation and Strategic Marketing, Stora Enso Biomaterials.

Stora Enso’s other R&D units are not affected by this change and will remain in their current locations.