CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MI – Axalta Coating Systems has released its “Global Automotive 2015 Color Popularity Report,” which shows that white continues to increase in popularity and holds onto the top position worldwide. Since overtaking silver in 2011, white has continued to gain in popularity on all vehicle types.

“Since 1953, Axalta’s color popularity data has been an important tool in partnering with vehicle manufacturers to forecast the designs and color preference that will engage customers in the years to come,” said Nancy Lockhart, Axalta Color Marketing Manager. “For the fifth consecutive year, white is the world’s most popular color. However, we did see some pockets of color when we looked across regions. For instance, red jumped eight percentage points over 2014 in South America, mid-shade blues are significant in Europe, and bright blues gained popularity in North America.”

Axalta’s report is the automotive industry’s most comprehensive annual report for 63 years running. According to the report, silver leveled out after declining for four years and remains at 13 percent. Blue remained steady over 2014, while other rich colors declined.

At 11 percent, no region likes red more than North America. Axalta’s 2015 North America Automotive Color of the Year, Radiant Red, reflects this preference. Blue increased in popularity to a total of eight percent of sales.

White is the most popular color in South America. No color in any region is more popular. Silver is the second-most popular in the region.

Europe shows the highest amount of blue at nine percent with much interest in sporty mid-shade blues. Holding 21 percent of the market, no region likes black more. Of interest are the luxurious sparkling black shades for intermediate and large cars.

Asia experienced a 10 percent year-over-year drop for gray. In China alone, white gained in popularity by 19 percentage points.

According to Lockhart, automotive color popularity provides a valuable look back at how consumer color preferences changed over time. “Axalta’s color trend forecasting team researches the expected color preferences of tomorrow,” said Lockhart. “The next generation of global automotive colors will offer a variety of colors with highly chromatic colors in bright reds, rich blues and vibrant violets. Niche colors are forecasted on small cars in unique shades of pale blue, green and gold. Warm hues are gaining popularity in earthy tones of green, bronze, red and beige. Finally, cool shades are holding interest in white, gray and black.”