Hempasil X3+ is a top-of-the-line, biocide-free, two-component, fouling release coating with a high solids content that ensures clean hulls for longer periods. It creates a smooth, low energy surface with unique fouling release properties. Its hydrogel micro layer prevents fouling organisms from firmly adhering to the hull while retaining the self-cleaning properties of silicone. The product is a completely biocide-free paint and has no impact on the marine environment, which helps ship owners fulfill their obligations to the environment.

It is based on unique hydrogel technology comprising a network of advanced polymer chains, which absorb high amounts of water (to a level of more than 99 percent), to create a water-like boundary layer. This layer effectively tricks the fouling organisms into believing the hull is a liquid and not a solid surface and this minimizes protein and bacterial adhesion.

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