COROB TOUCH&TINT™ is one of the first tablet-based point-of-sale tinting applications in the market. It offers optimal integration with the upcoming new generation of dispensers. The Android-based tablet software presents itself in a user-friendly way, making navigating its functions immediately instinctive through visual graphics. It allows store associates to tint within very few steps.

EVOPWR™ represents the next generation of modular high-end dispensers built on the EVO platform that combines the new 5G generation control management system and a wide array of new pumping technologies. The introduction of this new model also coincides with the launch of the first “in-house” built dual-flow piston pump, the DFP pump, capable of dispensing 0.5 L/m or 1 L/min of colorant. EVOPWR is capable of hosting up to 32 circuits.

The intraMIX 100 is a small-footprint unit that guarantees an everyday reliable mixing operation for the most diverse and rugged working environments. The speed and time setting functions make the unit adaptable for several paint can types, and the extractable plate helps during loading and unloading operations. Visit