The PPG PAINTS™ brand recently introduced the next generation of the <50 grams-per-liter VOC version of BREAK-THROUGH!® interior and exterior waterborne acrylic paint. One of the PPG Paints brand’s most popular products, Break-Through! paint offers a unique and versatile technology that provides excellent adhesion, hardness and block resistance to a variety of residential and commercial surfaces such as floors, trim, cabinets, railings, shelving and equipment, as well as metal, wood, concrete, fiber glass, laminate and many plastics. In addition, the product provides a flexible and smooth, virtually brush-free finish that withstands cracking and peeling.

The application improvements for the <50 grams per liter VOC Break-Through! formula include:

  • slightly higher viscosity for easier handling;
  • improved sag resistance, resulting in a more even finish;
  • improved flow and leveling, providing an enamel-smooth finish with fewer brush marks;
  • quick drying time of 17 to 20 minutes to touch, two hours for recoat, resulting in less downtime and quicker job completion; and
  • slightly more “open time,” or time that paint is wet enough for a brush to move through it, giving pros a longer time frame to fix brush marks or drips.

It is available in both satin and gloss sheens at PPG Paints stores and select independent dealer locations in the United States.