EDISON, NJ – With the steel work that will house the main process reactor in place at its Atlas Point manufacturing site in New Castle, DE, Croda International Plc came a step closer to completing the first plant of its type in North America that will manufacture 100-percent renewable non-ionic surfactants.

The main process reactor will produce ethylene oxide from bio-ethanol, allowing for the creation of these new surfactants that are active emulsifying agents used to bind oil and water in products like face creams, toothpastes, coatings and laundry detergents. When the new plant becomes operational in 2017, these fully renewable ingredients will enable customers to deliver 100-percent renewable, high-performance products to their consumers.

“We’re very proud of this milestone and all the great things it represents for our customers, Croda and the state of Delaware,” said Bob Stewart, Managing Director of Operations – Croda North America. “This milestone is not only important to the production of these new surfactants; it also demonstrates a visual commitment to completing this project and Croda’s long-standing dedication to sustainability and putting innovation into action.”

Croda will bring more than 250 construction jobs to Delaware and approximately 30 new full-time positions to the site.

Around 70 percent of Croda’s raw materials come from renewable sources, and the company places great emphasis on minimizing the environmental impact of its processes to help improve the sustainability of end-consumer and industrial products.