WASHINGTON – GFBiochemicals, a producer of levulinic acid directly from biomass, has acquired the assets and intellectual property of Segetis, a levulinic acid derivatives producer in the U.S. market.

Segetis brings unique knowhow and expertise, including over 250 patents applications worldwide.  GFBiochemicals, Milan, Italy, has acquired Segetis’ production plant in Minnesota and will establish a direct presence in the U.S. market under GFBiochemicals Americas.

Marcel van Berkel, Chief Commercial Officer of GFBiochemicals, commented, “Levulinic acid is one of the world’s most versatile building blocks for substituting oil-based products. With the acquisition of the Segetis assets and IP, including the Javelin™ brand of levulinic ketals technology, we can accelerate market entry for levulinic acid and its derivatives.”

Segetis is a premium levulinic acid derivatives producer with several proprietary applications, including fragrances, plasticizers for PVC and biopolymers, personal care, household and industrial cleaners, agrochemicals formulations, and coating and adhesive strippers.