MACON, GA - KaMin LLC has acquired a majority equity position in CADAM S.A. and its subsidiaries. CADAM’s production facilities are located in Brazil next to some of the highest-quality kaolin reserves in the world. CADAM and its operating subsidiaries produce and supply fine-particle-size kaolin to coated paper producers across the world.

Rankin Hobbs, CEO of KaMin, commented, “We believe that fine-particle clays are one of the keys to our customers producing high-quality, low-cost coated paper. CADAM’s products complement KaMin’s in both the quality of the products and regions served, allowing our combined companies to ensure we can deliver value to customers across the world, and they in turn can meet their customers’ needs. We also know that the key to success of both companies has been the level of service the people of KaMin and CADAM have provided their customers. We will ensure our customers across the world receive the same high-quality service to which they have become accustomed.”

KaMin and CADAM both supply premium kaolin clays to the paper industry. KaMin’s products also serve many non-paper applications including ink, rubber, plastics, adhesives and paints.

KaMin LLC is a leading producer of kaolin to a global customer base from its operations in Georgia. CADAM S.A. is a leading producer of fine-particle kaolin with operations located in the Amazon region of Brazil. CADAM also has offices and warehouses in Antwerp, Belgium, and Shanghai, China.