NEW ORLEANS – Organizers of the 43rd Annual International Waterborne, High-Solids and Powder Coatings Symposium announced that 352 attendees participated in the event. The symposium, which took place January 31-February 5, 2016 in New Orleans, sold out its 26 Technology Showcase booths and featured 26 student posters.

PCI Magazine’s Award for Technical Excellence was given to Andrew Stewart, of Molecular REBAR Design LLC, and co-authors Douglas Hunter, Steve Hoenig and Wendy Hoenig. The paper was titled “Novel Industrial Coatings Developed Using Molecular Rebar®.”

The Siltech Best Paper Award for Innovation was presented to Luz Calle of NASA and co-authors Wenyan Li, Jerry W. Buhrow, Marissa N. Johnsey, Scott T. Jolley, Benjamin P. Pearman, Xuejun Zhang, Lilliana Fitzpatrick, Mathew D. Gillis, Michael D. Blanton, Joshua S. Hanna and James W. Rawlins. The paper was titled “Environmentally Friendly Coating Technology for Autonomous Corrosion Control.”

Undergrad Poster Award winners, sponsored by Eastman Chemical, include William Blake Martin, who received first place, and Rene Cardona, who received second place.

The Graduate Poster Award winners, sponsored by Eastman Chemical, were Ramesh Ramakrishnan (first place), Doug Amato (second place), Brian Donovan (third place) and Abagail Jentsch (fourth place).

The SSCT Best Student Paper Award was presented to Greg Curtzwiller and co-authors Eric B. Williams, Christina M. Konecki, Steven W. Wand, and James W. Rawlins, for their paper, “Comparison of the Added Value for Corrosion Performance of Chemically Modified Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Epoxy-Amine Coating Systems on Steel Substrates.”