AVON, OH – Advanced Polymer Coatings (APC) has signed a contract with Scot Tanker, based in Istanbul, Turkey, for up to eight chemical tanker retrofits using the patented MarineLine® polymer cargo tank coating system.

These eight chemical ships became available on the market and were purchased by Scot Tanker to meet growing demand from its customers. The ships are each approximately 8,000dwt, with 14 cargo tanks and two slop tanks each. The tankers were previously coated with a leading phenolic epoxy cargo tank coating. However, Scot Tanker has decided to remove the existing phenolic epoxy coating and re-coat the cargo tanks with Advanced Polymer Coatings’ MarineLine cargo tank coating system.

The contract is for re-coating six of the ships, plus two options on the others. The first re-coating will be done at a shipyard in China starting in early 2016. Four other re-coatings will be done in Turkey during 2016. The remaining vessels have not yet been assigned shipyards. The work will include blasting out the previous coating, application of two coats of MarineLine, then heat curing, and inspection of the process.

Scot Tanker maintains trading routes all around the world, carrying a wide range of aggressive chemicals, including methanol, aromatics, hydrocarbon-based cargoes and many other types. “This versatility and the ability to carry a wide chemical range is one of the key reasons we chose MarineLine, as there are no restrictions on the coating,” said Captain Cenk Balikci, Purchasing Manager of Scot Tankers, “We’ve found that MarineLine also cleans easily and quickly, and has a long, low-maintenance service life compared to other coatings we’ve studied,” he added.