SPRINGFIELD, MO – Garry Froese, CEO of ArmorThane Inc., traveled with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon on a trade mission to Bogotá, Columbia and Lima, Peru. The delegation of state government and business leaders met with high-ranking officials and commerce leaders with a goal of increasing Missouri export opportunities.

ArmorThane was one of six participating businesses. While the company already exports internationally, including working with South America, Froese was interested in identifying new distribution opportunities for some or all of the company’s many polyurea and polyurethane spray-coating applications. Columbia was most interested in blast mitigation, mining and marine coatings. Peru tended to focus on mining and military/security applications.

“I learned quite a lot from our meetings. The greatest value was gaining a better understanding of local markets and their business concerns,” stated Froese. “One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is the current strength of the dollar. We’ve seen that in other countries as well but solutions can be worked out.”

Essentially, companies in these two emerging markets knew of polyurea protective coatings and plural-component spraying equipment, but did not realize the benefits offered. Currently, their primary use of coatings was epoxy on flooring, which is applied by roller instead of the more effective and varied applications techniques offered by newer products and equipment.

Established in 1989, ArmorThane offers both spray coatings and roll-on applications for a variety of products, including pure and specially formulated hybrid polyurethane and polyurea. The company has facilities in the United States and Canada.