At this year’s ACS TEGO is rolling out several new products at Booth 2728, including new silicone resins and dispersing additives. The company is also promoting a “Call for Ideas” initiative, which provides an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs/start-up companies. Entrepreneurs/start-ups have the opportunity to discuss ideas, technologies or solutions (for coatings, inks, polymers, etc.) with Evonik at the ACS and beyond. Those interested may stop by the Evonik Booth to begin discussion about these ideas. The entrepreneurs/start-ups with the best ideas will be invited to Evonik and given the opportunity for more in-depth discussion and for interaction with technical, sales and marketing professionals.

Products on display at the show this year include:

·SILIKOPHEN® AC 950silicone resin, designed for high-temperature applications of industrial objects, muffler coatings and oven coatings. Due to its ambient temperature curing capability, SILIKOPHEN AC 950 allows energy-saving coating application of large objects. SILIKOPHEN AC 950 is HAPS-free, which allows for the use of coatings formulated in enclosed spaces. It also displays excellent wetting properties and provides good flexibility during heating and cool down.

·SILIKOTOP® E 900and SILIKOTOP E 901isocyanate-cured silicone hybrid resins. They are designed for topcoat application in high-solids and high-performance protective coatings. Both SILIKOTOP products exhibit excellent corrosion protection properties, as well as resistance to weather, chemical and mechanical stress. In addition, both products offer extraordinary advantages in processability and appearance.

·TEGO® Dispers 747 Wdispersing additive offers outstanding viscosity reduction in pigment concentrates, which allows manufacturers to achieve higher pigment loading. It also offers long-term pigment stabilization and consistent high-color strength, even after long-term storage stability. It can be used for the preparation of waterborne pigment concentrates, as well as for the direct grind of inorganic pigments for architectural coatings.

·TEGO Dispers 690,the company’s first wetting and dispersing additive for solventborne printing inks that is completely Swiss A compliant. It offers excellent viscosity reduction in solventborne pigment dispersions, even at low dosages. TEGO Dispers 690 is ideal for gravure and flexo inks, with special focus on lamination applications.

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