Sustainable raw materials are very much in demand. Worlée-Chemie GmbH relies upon the chemistry of nature and is presenting its resins based on renewable raw materials at ACS Booth 2679. These waterborne and solvent-free products present the next stage on the way to environmentally friendly consumer paints. “In the light of tightening VOC regulations in the USA our range of waterborne resins has a good fit to the requirements of this market,” stated Export Manager Klaus Koehler.

With WorléeSol VGT 8709, Worlée-Chemie offers a new solvent-free alkyd emulsion in its product range. Manufactured with 97 percent renewable raw materials, the product is particularly suitable for water-dilutable painters’ varnishes and paints, as well as for industrial paints, wall paints and wood varnishes.

The alkyl resin WorléeKyd RL 1290, on the other hand, is especially suitable for the production of 1K and 2K parquet, terrace and care oils with low VOC levels. It consists of 95 percent renewable raw materials.

Worlée also offers other resins based on renewable raw materials for different kinds of application areas. A team with the company’s American partners can explain the products and applications at the company’s booth.