Münzing is highlighting its commitment to creating value and improving customer formulations with a wide range of specialty additives, which are on display at Booth 1448. Products include: 

·CERETAN MX 2919, a proprietary blend of micronized wax that improves antiblocking, sandability and scratch resistance in coatings. In addition to being very efficient as a matting agent with good clarity, it does not have the common issues associated with the use of silica as a matting agent.

·EDAPLAN® 490 Series, VOC-free wetting agent and dispersants. Ideal for the manufacture of flood/float-free aqueous coatings systems (air dry and force dry, 2K systems) as well as for the manufacture of aqueous resin-free pigment concentrates.

·TAFIGEL PUR 48, designed as an “associative thickener” that builds up and stabilizes viscosity by forming a network between polyurethane, binder molecules and pigment particles. It is recommended for use in interior and exterior paints, latex paints, anticorrosive paints, emulsion plasters, adhesives and joint fillers.