Reichhold is showcasing the latest in high-performance, biobased, waterborne resin technology at Booth 1931 at the front entrance of the 2016 ACS. A variety of BECKOSOL AQ® alkyd latex, EPOTUF® epoxy ester and UROTUF® waterborne urethane resins are highlighted, many of which are certified through the USDA BioPreferred® program.

The booth features numerous product displays and detailed coating benchmarking studies demonstrating the performance advantages of biobased polymers over fossil fuel-based polymers. These benchmarking studies not only include compliant waterborne technologies, but also higher VOC benchmarks considered to be industry performance standards. Indicators suggest that continued use of biobased raw materials will drive the coatings industry to explore their use in future coatings developmental projects.

In keeping with the biobased theme, a paper entitled “High-Performance Polymers Derived from Bio-Renewable Resources” was given on Wednesday as part of Biobased Coatings Session 15.

“Reichhold is pleased to share the enhanced performance attributes of its biobased waterborne technologies,” says Dale MacDonald, North American Commercial Vice President. “Our advancements in these environmentally and user-friendly resin systems now afford our customers the ability to deliver coating performance equal to or better than higher VOC systems, and superior to petroleum-based systems.”