WACKER is presenting many technologies for coatings at Booth 1946. These include vinyl acetate ethylene-based binders for architectural coatings, SILRES® silicone resins and intermediates, GENIOSIL® organosilane hybrid compounds, ethyl silicates for extreme applications involving high-heat and highly corrosive environments, and HDK® fumed silica products.

VINNAPAS® EF8300 combines high performance, such as good block resistance, wet adhesion and scrub resistance, with low environmental impact and is ideal for flat through gloss finishes. It has a performance comparable to pure acrylics and exceeds that of vinyl acrylics and blend systems. It thus provides an acrylate-free option to replace traditional binders in high-end coatings, allowing the paint formulator to meet today’s VOC regulations.

The product meets foreseeable environmental regulations because it is produced without the use of APEOs and allows the formulation of architectural coatings that are low VOC (< 5 g/L), very low residual monomer (< 200 ppm) and low formaldehyde without the addition of coalescing solvents. It is therefore GS-11 compliant and meets any foreseeable environmental regulations, such as CARB, OTC, LATCO and SCAQMD.

VINNAPAS EF8001 is a versatile interior-coatings binder for flat and mid-sheen paints that combines superior low-odor and low-VOC capability with excellent performance and cost-in-use-benefits. It enables formulations of low-odor and low-VOC paints (< 5 g/L) since it has very low residual-monomer content (< 200 ppm) and does not need organic solvents or coalescing agents. Its odor profile is noticeably subdued; especially compared to standard vinyl acrylic technology. Furthermore, it is produced without the use of APEOs and features low formaldehyde. It is GS-1-compliant and meets applicable environmental regulations, including proposed reductions in VOCs. VINNAPAS EF8001 offers the paint formulator best-in-class performance in many key areas, such as scrub resistance and touch-up performance. It provides good alkaline hydrolysis resistance and affords the formulator greater formulation flexibility.

SILRES® silicone resins and intermediates are essential in the formulation of high-performance industrial coatings. Using silicone resins as binders or integrating silicone intermediates into formulations provides benefits including extreme heat protection up to 650 °C, good weathering resistance and long-term gloss and color retention, outstanding solvent resistance, and ease of cleaning. Additional benefits include outstanding corrosion resistance and extended service life for protective and marine coatings. SILRES silicone resins and intermediates also improve the water repellency of coatings and can impart nonstick surface properties.

WACKER’s GENIOSIL® organosilanes are hybrid compounds that combine the functionality of a reactive organic group such as vinyl, isocyanate, amine, epoxy and the inorganic functionality of an alkyl silicate. This allows the formulation of a molecular bridge between inorganic materials and organic polymers. Benefits include adhesion promotion, surface modification and polymer crosslinking.

Zinc-rich paints based on WACKER ethyl silicates combine outstanding long-term corrosion protection for ferrous surfaces with resistance to high temperatures. The performance benefits are best seen in aggressive environments where there is exposure to severe weather and chemicals. Typical application areas are bridges, ships and structural steel. Ethyl silicates are available as basic binders or prehydrolyzed. They offer fast curing, excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance, easy welding and overpainting, UV resistance and heat resistance up to 400 °C. Ethyl silicates also serve as feedstock for numerous industrial solgel processes, which yield coatings that are very thin, yet extremely durable.

WACKER’s HDK® fumed silica provides rheology control for coatings materials and printing inks. HDK is also widely used to control the flow of powder coatings. The range of hydrophobic and hydrophilic HDK grades improves the performance and stability of formulations, thus imparting superior flow control, sag resistance and antisettling properties in a variety of coatings.

HDK H18 is a hydrophobic fumed silica commonly used as a thickening and thixotropic agent in many types of industrial and commercial paints and coatings. It is useful for composites, adhesives and sealants as well. Developed specifically for use in polar systems such as epoxy resins and polyurethanes, it is characterized by a high specific surface area, and has a specific coating that renders it highly hydrophobic. HDK H18 is ideal for use in high solids, solventless epoxy, polyurethanes and vinyl ester coatings for improved performance, stability and improved handling characteristics.