Hockmeyer Equipment Corporation is exhibiting the most efficient technologies for particle size reduction at Booth 2052. The company is showcasing a production-sized HCP Immersion Mill, and the Micro Mill and NEXGEN™ Micro Mill laboratory units. Company representatives are present to discuss customized mixing, milling and dispersion solutions.


Hockmeyer's longstanding reputation for producing innovative, durable and reliable dispersing, mixing and milling equipment has made them the trusted leader in the industry. They provide clients with processing machines that provide purer grinds in less time than competing equipment, enhancing productivity often by 100%.


“Immersion Milling set a new standard for efficiency and reproducibility in the production of top-tier coatings applications, and there's no better occasion to showcase that than at the 2022 American Coatings Show. We're excited to exhibit our industry-leading machines and demonstrate the benefits they provide many coatings companies around the World,” said Sara Fulford, VP of Sales & Marketing.


Developing the most efficient process starts with using the right equipment. Hockmeyer's versatile Micro Mill provides scalable results that begin in the laboratory and reliably transfer to production size units. The NEXGEN™ Micro Mill achieves particle size reduction on a laboratory scale without allowing any air entrapment in the feedstock, eliminating foaming issues and also scaling to production size units reliably. The Immersion Mill has been leading the way in milling technology for over 30 years, gradually evolving into the highest productivity particle size reduction machine available today. Its 'Homogeneous Batch Development' achieves faster grinds and tighter particle size distributions consistently.