PERSTORP, Sweden – Increased demand for high-performance polyurethanes has led Perstorp, a market leader in caprolactone products, to embark on numerous initiatives in preparation for future customer needs. These initiatives include an investment in a fully equipped application lab, recruitment of expert resources to further support customer development and collaboration, and the signing of a distribution partnership with Nexeo Solutions to increase the speed of Perstorp products to the market.

“The new laboratory equipment and expert resources will enable our customers to work more closely with us as well as for us to better understand and support their future needs. Along with our recent investments in a pilot plant facility, this is an exciting way for us to develop solutions for the future together with our customers where they can shorten time to market with innovative products,” said Stephen Lewis, Vice President, Business Unit Capa™, Perstorp.

The new laboratory will further enhance the company’s formulation capabilities for two-component polyurethane systems as well as pre-polymers for hot-cast elastomers. As a response to specific customer requests as well as general market trends for longer life and more durable polyurethanes, Perstorp is at the forefront of bringing these new innovative polyol technologies forward.

Perstorp signed a partnership with Nexeo Solutions last September. “This agreement has enabled us to work even closer with customers and help them increase speed to market,” said Robert Magro, Sales Director Americas, Perstorp. Nexeo Solutions is responsible for distributing the Capa product line in several regions in the United States.