PHILADELPHIA - To celebrate the start of deck staining season, PPG’s OLYMPIC® Paints and Stains brand is hitting the road to showcase its latest MAXIMUM® Stain featuring a new Weather-Ready™ application. Through the tour’s 21 stops at various Lowe’s locations from North Carolina to Tennessee, tour visitors will participate in “weather-ready” application product demonstrations. Consumers can stain when they want to stain, not when the weather dictates.

In addition to interactive demos, visitors will also have the opportunity to help OLYMPIC break the Guinness World Record for the largest paint brush mural, a gigantic mural featuring a beautiful sunset and Adirondack chairs made entirely out of paint brushes. The final mural is set to break the current record, which is a paintbrush mural of Michael Jackson measuring 33’ x 8.5’ and including more than 33,000 paintbrushes provided by Wooster Brush Co.

Kicking off in Indianapolis on May 6, the Olympic MAXIMUM WEATHER-READY stain truck tour will make its way across the Midwest, inviting residents to participate in a number of weather-themed wood staining scenarios. The 21-stop tour will provide Lowe’s shoppers and guests with unique, interactive demonstrations of Olympic Maximum stain, which provides a wider window of time to stain wood, even in adverse weather conditions. Following an interactive product demonstration, visitors will contribute their paintbrush to the large mosaic that is attempting to set the new Guinness World Record for the largest paintbrush mosaic.

The Olympic MAXIMUM WEATHER-READY stain truck and trailer will showcase three alternative weather scenarios, including:

  •     Rain-Ready: a stormy sky provides a backdrop for guests to don a rain slicker and participate in a hands-on demo of damp wood application;
  •     Cold Weather: consumers will learn more from a brand ambassador about Olympic Maximum stain’s ability to be applied in temperatures as low as 35 degrees; and
  •     Warm Weather: the final activation features gigantic, oversized stained Adirondack chairs that provide a viewing area to watch as guests contribute the paintbrush they used as part of their stain demo.

Wooster Brush Co. provided more than 33,000 paint brushes to make up the paint brush mural in an attempt to break the standing Guinness World Record.

More than 150 gallons of Olympic Maximum stain will be used to recreate the oversized paintbrush mosaic featuring a picturesque scene including a sunset and Adirondack chairs.

The tour schedule includes the following locations:

  • Thursday, May 12 (Lowe’s of Southeast Cincinnati);
  • Friday, May 13 (Lowe’s of Northwest Cincinnati);
  • Saturday, May 14 (Lowe’s of Northeast Louisville, KY);
  • Sunday, May 15 (Lowe’s of East Louisville, KY);
  • Monday, May 16 (Lowe’s of South Louisville, KY);
  • Thursday, May 19 (Lowe’s of South Lexington, KY);  
  • Friday, May 20 (Lowe’s of Northeast Lexington, KY);  
  • Saturday, May 21 (Lowe’s of Richmond, KY);
  • Tuesday, May 24 (Lowe’s of Clarksville, TN);
  • Wednesday, May 25 (Lowe’s of South Clarksville, TN);
  • Saturday, May 28 (Lowe’s of West Knoxville, TN);
  • Sunday, May 29 (Lowe’s of North Knoxville, TN);
  • Monday, May 30 (Lowe’s of East Knoxville, TN);
  • Thursday, June 2 (Lowe’s of Lexington, NC);
  • Friday, June 3 (Lowe’s of Winston West, NC);
  • Saturday, June 4 (Lowe’s of North Winston, NC); and
  • Monday, June 6 (Lowe’s of Charlotte Northlake Mall, NC).

Over the course of five weeks, the Olympic MAXIMUM WEATHER-READY stain truck and trailer will travel more than 1,500 miles.