LANGELSHEIM, Germany - Although its history dates back to the 14th century, Heubach entered the pigment business with the founding of the Goslarer Farbenwerke (Goslar Colorants Works) in 1806. Today, exactly 210 years later, Heubach is a leading producer of color and special pigments as well as pigment preparations for a wide variety of uses, from the ink, paint, plastics and building industries through to latex and seed production.

International expansion began under the direction of Rainer Heubach, who took over from his father Dr. Hans Heubach in 1973, with the founding of Heubach Inc. in the United States. The company took further steps towards internationalization with the founding of Heubach Colour Ltd. in India (1994) and the Hangzhou Heubach Pigment Co. Ltd. in China (2009).

Heubach has been collaborating with renowned scientists and research institutes for generations. With vision and innovation, this laid the basis for the diversification and international growth seen in the previous decades.

Through strategic acquisitions, such as the incorporation of Bayer's Lightfast business and Avecia's (ex ICI) organic pigment portfolio, Heubach has been able to continually improve its position as a manufacturer of organic and inorganic color pigments.

In close collaboration with clients, Heubach is focused on continuing to develop both new and improved organic and inorganic color pigments as well as corrosion-protection pigments. Here, the focus is on functionalization, simplified handling, sustainability, improved application technology and coloristic properties along with economic optimization.

The Heubach Group currently has a research and development project working on the intensification of the forward integration in pigment preparations and, in connection with this, the further development of corresponding product lines for the plastics, colorant and paint industries.

Due to comprehensive development work, the company has established an optimized process to increase the production capacity of phthalocyanine crude at its location in India and has built a new plant for producing PB60-crude. These backward integrations represent Heubach’s investment in the quality and availability of strategically important product lines. Further capacity increases in the United States and Germany are currently in the planning phase.