BEIJING- Representatives from Axalta Coating Systems were invited to attend and speak at the 2016 International Forum on Automobile Materials hosted by the China Automotive Technology & Research Center in Beijing on June 2. Representing the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers, Dr. Fucheng Yan, Product Director of Axalta Greater China, gave a presentation on how innovations such as Axalta’s high-performance coating systems and future technologies are formulated to help automotive companies meet the industry’s increasingly strict standards for fuel economy and environmental protection and support a sustainable future.

Dr. Yan’s presentation focused on the ways in which Axalta’s latest generation coating solutions and future technologies can contribute to the fast-growing trend of developing lightweight vehicles, as well as reduce the environmental footprint of vehicle manufacture through the use of energy-saving technologies and non-hazardous materials. Axalta is developing the formulations needed to ensure its coatings can be as effective on the plastics, carbon fiber, aluminum and other lightweight substrates used increasingly to improve vehicle fuel economy, as they are on traditional materials.

Dr. Yan also shared Axalta’s internal control systems, which aim to reduce the use of the restricted hazardous chemical substances in production processes and products. As Dr. Yan explained, “We employ an evaluation and approval process to minimize the use of regulated substances during raw material introduction and processing. We also review existing products regularly to ensure compliance with new standards and regulations and to identify potential new restrictions.”

The 2016 International Forum on Automobile Materials focused on key technological breakthroughs in new materials all along the automotive supply chain, aiming to promote environmentally sustainable growth for the auto industry.