CHICAGO – After more than four decades at the forefront of dangerous goods regulatory compliance, Jeanne Zmich, Vice President of Research & Development for Chicago-based Labelmaster, is retiring this month. Zmich, who helped define and grow the HAZMAT regulations industry, has achieved a number of significant industry milestones during her career.

Zmich played a major role in the development of a number of regulatory resources and publications. She co-authored the original two-volume set of the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, the first commercially available product to help employers comply with that standard and a publication accepted into the Library of Congress.

She also coordinated a collaboration with the National Paint and Coatings Association to produce and develop the first Hazardous Materials Identification System labeling hazard rating standard. 

In addition, Zmich monitored daily the pulse of regulatory changes and interpretations, and was the company’s first Books and Programs Products Manager. She led Labelmaster to produce a number of regulatory publications, including the EARLY CFR 49 concept, an innovative regulations manual that’s still produced annually, and the first Emergency Response Guidebook.

Zmich also served on a number of industry associations and represented Labelmaster at the Council on the Safe Transport of Hazardous Materials, where she served on its board of directors.