Polyurethane floor coatings require good abrasion resistance, hardness, chemical resistance and stain resistance.  They also require good mechanical properties like tensile strength, hardness, flexibility and tear resistance.  The challenge forpolyurethane floor coating formulators is to develop products that meet these requirements while using low-viscosity resin systems that can reduce, or eliminate, the use of volatile solvents.

K-POL 8211 is a unique, 100%-active, aliphatic and saturated diol resin designed to help formulators meet this challenge.  K-POL 8211 is recommended for use in 2-component aromatic and aliphatic polyurethane floor coating systems that require improved tensile strength, elastic modulus, abrasion resistance, hardness and chemical resistance.

K-POL 8211 is also recommended for solvent- and water-based polyurethane and melamine crosslinked coatings.  For more information, please call or visit the King industries website.

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