EAST GRANBY, CT - MB Aerospace has recently acquired Vac Aero (Poland), part of Vac Aero International, Burlington, Ontario. The move is expected to strengthen MB Aerospace’s position as a performance-enhancing coatings supplier in the European thermal spray coating market.

Vac Aero (Poland) has two sites in Kalisz, Poland, and Rzeszow, Poland. Both sites specialize in providing protective coatings for industrial gas turbine components and aerospace engines.

MB Aerospace announced that operation at the two sites will remain as is and will be rebranded as MB Aerospace Technologies (Poland). They will continue to provide support to the current customer base and work to increase business in Eastern Europe. MB Aerospace also stated that the company plans to invest in the business with specialized focus on surface coating services, which include plasma and thermal coatings, heat treatment, brazing processes, and other painting capabilities.

Vac Aero (Poland) was founded in 2003 by the parent company Vac Aero International. The company has been instrumental in developing a range of special process capabilities that include vacuum brazing, heat treatment, vacuum carburizing, high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) protective coating, air plasma spray, and corrosion- and oxidation-resistant coatings, among others.