ASHLAND, VA/ABINGDON, UK – Green Biologics Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Green Biologics Ltd., a U.K. industrial biotechnology and renewable chemicals company, announced a distribution agreement with Caldic B.V., a global distributor headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Caldic will distribute Green Biologics’ biobased, high-purity chemicals, including n-butanol, acetone and other associated product, to customers in Europe, Africa and the Middle East for a variety of key markets, including CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers).

“Caldic is an outstanding partner for Green Biologics,” said Timothy G. Staub, Global Vice President of Business Development for Green Biologics. “Its customer focus and value-added services, such as logistics capabilities, bulk storage facilities, and deep knowledge of high-value markets and customers, along with a critical presence both in key markets and geographies, make Caldic critical to our EU launch.”

Green Biologics is in the process of starting up its first commercial production facility for renewable n-butanol and acetone in Little Falls, Minnesota, and aims to begin commercial shipments to customers by late 2016. The company is a member of the American Chemistry Council and is building its new green solvents facility to meet Responsible Care™ standards. In addition, Green Biologics is pursuing REACH certification on its products and has received USDA BioPreferred® status, 100% biobased, for its n-butanol and acetone.