ASHLAND, VA/ABINGDON, – Green Biologics Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Green Biologics Ltd., an industrial biotechnology and renewable chemicals company, announced the branding and product development strategy for its high-purity biobased n-butanol and acetone, as well as associated downstream products. The company aims to market all 100% bio-based chemicals under the brand BioPure ™, a descriptive brand name that encapsulates both the purity and sustainability of its biobased chemistry. Green Biologics has also registered the trademark GreenInside® for co-branding opportunities with its collaboration partners, who will use the mark on a wide range of consumer and industrial products making sustainability claims based on Green Biologics’ technology.

“We believe branding is an essential part of value creation,” said David Anderson, Global Vice President of Marketing for Green Biologics. “Differentiating our high-purity biobased products from commodity petroleum-based alternatives underscores our strategy to drive value in customer applications and downstream products.”

The company aims to offer a full slate of 100% biobased products both through its own manufacturing and through third-party contract manufacturing. In addition to n-butanol and acetone, Green Biologics is set to market high-purity 100% biobased isopropyl alcohol and a range of specialty esters of n-butanol, isopropanol and other biobased alcohols. Through current and anticipated collaborations, the company is actively pursuing opportunities in cosmetics, food ingredients, plasticizers, monomers and specialty solvents.

Green Biologics is in the early start-up of its first commercial production facility for BioPure renewable n-butanol and acetone in Little Falls, Minnesota, and aims to be in commercial production by late 2016.