BETHESDA, MD – The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) is inviting industry professionals to submit an application to be considered for the 2017 ASC Innovation Awards Program.

The ASC Innovation Awards Program is designed to recognize innovation in adhesive and sealant product developments. The awards identify significant impact chemistries that contribute to downstream industries needs and advancements in technology. Two awards will be awarded each year. They will be presented at the welcome reception of the ASC Annual Spring Convention.

The awards up for consideration for 2017 are the 2017 Innovation Award and the 2017 Small Business Innovation Award. Raw material suppliers and manufacturers of adhesives or sealants can apply for the awards. The award can also be submitted collectively between a raw material supplier and a manufacturer, with one combined entry submitted for that scenario.

The 2017 Small Business Innovation Award will be presented to a small business that has annual sales of less than $50 million, including domestic and foreign sales by the company, its subsidiaries, and its parent company.

Recipients of these awards will demonstrate the value proposition of the novel chemistry and added value in a field application or improvement in design and chemical process. To be eligible for an award, a nominated technology must meet the scope of the ASC Innovation Awards Program and each of its five criteria.

For more information about applying for this award, visit the submission page on ASC’s website.