BRUSSELS – Resins supplier Allnex announced an investment for its Radcure Business Unit at its Drogenbos, Belgium, manufacturing site.

The investment will increase the production capacity for UV/EB curable acrylates by 12,000 tons. The project consists of the construction of a new and fully automated reactor, modifications to existing reactor lines, and increased bulk truck loading capacity. Service to customers and product supply will not be impacted during this implementation phase. Completion is expected by June 2017.

Audrey De Wulf, Regional Business Director Radcure EMEA, stated, “Our customers in the industrial coatings, graphics and special application segments forecast continued growth for the Radcure technology in Europe and globally. Our new capacity in Drogenbos will allow Allnex to keep meeting the market demand and to serve our customers with existing and new UV/EB curable products.”

Davy De Clercq, Allnex Drogenbos Site Director, explained, “The Drogenbos site has a long-lasting experience with the production of UV/EB acrylates product range. Drogenbos has been awarded this important investment thanks to its broad experience on the acrylate chemistry, its demonstrated production efficiency and reliable project management.”