ASHLAND, VA/ABINGDON, UK – Green Biologics Ltd., a UK industrial biotechnology and renewable specialty chemicals company, announced the start of commercial shipments of biobased n-butanol and acetone from its manufacturing facility in Little Falls, Minnesota.

“The start of our first commercial facility is a critical milestone in building our position within the industry as a global renewable specialty chemicals company,” said Sean Sutcliffe, Chief Executive of Green Biologics. “We’re very proud to announce the start of shipments to key customers in high-value markets and look forward to working with existing and new collaborators to bring a wide range of sustainable, environmentally friendly products to shelves.”

The Little Falls plant was purchased in December 2014 through the acquisition of assets from the Central MN Ethanol Cooperative LLC. Green Biologics re-named the site Central MN Renewables and started construction on its renewable chemicals facility in September 2015. The 21-million-gallon-per-year ethanol plant was retrofitted with Green Biologics’ proprietary advanced fermentation technology to produce biobased n-butanol and acetone. Production is expected to ramp up to full capacity over the next 12 to 18 months.