CURTITIBA, Brazil - Renner Coatings and VersaFlex Inc. have signed a co-labeling agreement to provide VersaFlex's line of pure polyurea systems to the Brazilian and Chilean markets.

Under the agreement, Renner Coatings will have access to the full line of VersaFlex Inc.'s pure polyurea coatings, membranes, sealants, and repair materials and coatings marked under the RenFlex™ name. In addition, Renner Coatings will also provide training and qualification to applicators, specifiers and engineers in conjunction with Polyurea University, taught by Dudley Primeaux II.

"The agreement between VersaFlex and Renner Coatings is promising and meets the objectives of increasing our presence in South America," said Todd Gomez, International Sales Manager at VersaFlex Inc.

"We are excited to be working with Renner Coatings, the largest 100% Brazilian high-performance coatings company," said Fernando Costa, Sales Manager at VersaFlex South America. "This will allow us to offer our high-quality polyurea systems to Renner Coatings customers in markets previously unavailable."