The Starblast™ line of general-purpose staurolite blasting abrasives can be used in construction, steel fabrication, auto repair/repainting applications, historic building restorations and bridge maintenance to remove rust, mill scale and weathered coatings. Occurring naturally, Starblast abrasives are a loose blend of coarse-to-fine staurolite sands that have clean, rounded surfaces. Unlike coal and copper slag, which often contain hazardous materials, Starblast abrasives are not residues of other processes and have fewer environmental and health concerns.

The latest Starblast abrasives are low-dusting and have reduced free silica as compared to previous versions, meaning less particles in the air with better visibility of the area being blasted. Mined in Florida, the staurolite sands are processed, separated, graded and then dried in a natural-gas-fired rotary kiln. Starblast abrasives, which are offered in five distinct grades to address specific application needs, are available through a wide distributor network that serves the United States, Canada and Mexico.