The Norton BlazeX F970 Fiber Discs from Saint-Gobain Abrasives enable faster rust removal and enhanced cleaning and detailing processes for better finishes.

Users performing right angle grinding on a routine basis will see immediate results using Norton BlazeX F970 Fiber Discs due to improved micro-fracturing grain. By consistently exposing sharper grain edges, this improvement delivers a better cut rate and longer disc life when compared to blended ceramic alumina discs. BlazeX F970 Fiber Discs enhance operator control in stock removal, deburring, blending and other applications. A heavy fiber backing not only provides a better disc face to surface grinding advantage, it also resists tearing in heavy applications, extending disc life and requiring fewer changeovers, resulting in less labor time.

“Intended for carbon steel and other soft-to-grind materials, the new Norton BlazeX fiber discs were developed to provide cool cuts and to offer longer life due to a non-supersized design. We are seeing a 50% or greater cut rate using BlazeX on these materials when compared to Blaze F980,” said Patrick Carroll, Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives Senior Product Manager. “BlazeX F970 is an excellent complement to our existing Blaze F980 discs, which are engineered for stainless steel and other harder-to-grind materials. Together, both the BlazeX F970 and Blaze F980 fully cover right angle grinding in MRO, metal fabrication, welding, oil and gas, energy, and ship building markets, to name a few.”

Norton BlazeX F970 Fiber Discs are available in three sizes consisting of 4-1/2", 5" and 7" fiber discs, and in 7/8" hole or speed-change attachments. Coarse grinding applications are supported through the four key grits of 36, 50, 60 and 80. “We are also offering test kits which include a box of BlazeX F970 and Blaze F980 36 grit fiber discs in each size for testing,” added Carroll. The kits are ideal for users who wish to see the difference between the two on their respective materials.