LONDON – The government of the UK recently announced its plan for implementing the long-awaited modern Industrial Strategy, which has been welcomed across the coatings industry, particularly given the cloud of uncertainty still surrounding Brexit. The strategic pillars outlined in the strategy touch upon some of the key weaknesses, areas of concern and opportunities for business which, if tackled, will provide a catalyst for Britain’s future economic growth.

The announcement sets out the thinking behind the new Industrial Strategy in a green paper, which has essentially started the UK government’s consultation process with business. The UK government’s commitment to selective intervention, with a focus on science, research and innovation; affordable energy and infrastructure; and skills, exports and inward investment, is outlined in the paper.

Tom Bowtell, Chief Executive of the British Coatings Federation (BCF) commented, “The BCF has long called for a new Industrial Strategy, and it’s welcome to see the government creating an opportunity for all sectors to get involved. This means working closely with industry to foster a range of opportunities to help create growth for the future, from developing new skills and securing critical investment, which are vital to the coatings sector. Government and industry must now work together to meld these pillars into a strategic framework that will deliver measurable, demonstrable results. The coatings industry goes across many priority sectors, which contribute hugely to GDP, and it is vital our sector is recognized as one who enables many of these priority sector to succeed.”

Ellen Daniels, Head of Public Affairs and Policy at the BCF, said, “The right Industrial Strategy for the coatings industry will provide the platform for future British economic success. The fact that the Prime Minister has unveiled these plans herself suggests that the government is dedicated to a partnership between business and all levels of government.”