Pelseal Technologies LLC developed more than 30 new product formulations in 2016 to meet the needs of customers in a variety of industries, including for use as industrial coatings and sealants. Pelseal created the formulations to refine the physical properties of its existing products for better VOC, higher solids content, process viscosity or adhesion properties. New formulations can be brushed, sprayed or caulked into seams or cracks where O-rings, gaskets and other seals cannot adequately prevent gaps or leaks.

Pelseal’s fluoroelastomer products are manufactured using either Viton™ or Dyneon™ fluoroelastomers. Each formulation features the unique properties of a fluoroelastomer: extreme chemical resistance, flexibility, high abrasion resistance and broad temperature range capability. Pelseal products also bond to a broad range of substrates, including most metals, concrete, glass, ceramics, other elastomers and some plastics.

Pelseal products are designed to provide solutions to problems caused by chemical attack, mechanical abrasion and erosion/corrosion of metal and other substrates. Common uses include concrete crack repair, expansion joint sealant, coating metal housings, sealant for tank lids and improving existing gasket seals.