PPG has published a new general industrial finishes brochure, highlighting coatings solutions for two dozen industries, from electrical components and pipe and tube products to fastener products, light-duty equipment, tools, medical instruments and machinery, and miscellaneous construction.

The four-page brochure profiles leading PPG brands such as SPECTRACRON® liquid coatings, ENVIROCRON® powder coatings, POWERCRON® electrocoats (e-coats) and ZIRCOBOND®, X-BOND® and ULTRAGUARD™ pretreatment products. Product information is supplemented by a coatings technology guide that helps readers understand the breadth of PPG coatings technologies and resin formulations available for hundreds of individual applications, such as toolboxes, lockers, wire goods, metal bath and kitchen fixtures, trailer hitches, and traffic lights.

Andy Meshanko, PPG Segment Manager, General Industrial Finishes, said PPG is one of few companies in the world with expertise in all major coatings technology platforms, including liquid, powder, e-coat, pretreatment, UV and electron-beam coatings. “Manufacturers, suppliers and job shops are increasingly seeking integrated, end-to-end coatings solutions for their production lines. PPG highlights the ability to provide a broad range of solutions across a broad range of industries in this brochure,” he explained.

The brochure also provides information about the SECURE LAUNCH EXCELLENCE PROCESS™ program, developed by PPG to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) fast-track the development and integration of coatings into their manufacturing processes; and PPG KNOWLEDGE COLLEGE™ training, which delivers comprehensive hands-on education about coatings products and processes to OEM supervisory and manufacturing personnel.

To order or download a copy of PPG’s new General Industrial Finishes brochure, visit www.ppgindustrialcoatings.com or call 888/774.2001.