Xfast® Easy Color from BASF is the first-ever solid color pigment preparation range for point-of-sale (POS) for the professional and do-it-yourself (DIY) market. The dry stir-in pigment preparation has been developed for a wide array of applications, including exterior and interior architectural paints, artist paints, wood glazes and coatings, plaster and concrete coatings, and more.

“This offers numerous benefits to the POS market and its users,” said Ulf Moebius, Marketing Manager, Preparations Europe, BASF. “The Xfast Easy Color product line is capable of providing intense colors for a variety of uses in an easy and convenient way, plus the range of shades it offers can be expanded based on specific demands.”

The Xfast Easy Color system features click-in packaging that allows operators to easily exchange the canisters and refill the dispenser. The click-in system consists of a canister and an adaptor that results in product contactless refilling. The dry stir-in pigment preparation offers clean and easy handling, disperses easily and has superior temperature stability. The dispenser performs at the same speed as most of the market’s liquid sequential dosing dispensers and allows for exact, high accuracy dosing.

The dispenser comes with TintWise® POS software, which is compatible with common market software. Additional support from BASF’s Color Matching services is also accessible using a unique robotic system. Compatibility, gloss, hardness, wet scrub, adhesion, durability, storage and viscosity testing is also available.

More Intense Colors
The dispenser holds 16 to 24 canisters of Xfast colorants that are up to 85% pigment content and represent the full color space of the Xfast portfolio. Each color range can be enlarged based on customer demand and market needs, plus customer-specific shades are also possible. The highly concentrated dry pigment preparation provides excellent hiding power.

Environmentally Sound
The Easy Color system offers many features and benefits while also fulfilling environmental regulations. The system supports label requirements of final product, has low biocide amounts, and provides an alternative to paints with fungicides, VOC and alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APEO).

Less Cost-In-Use
The Easy Color dispenser helps POS market customers to save energy, product, replacement and maintenance costs compared to liquid dispensers. It offers high pigment storage stability, allowing for a shelf life of up to five years. By using dry pigment preparation, the user eliminates drying, sedimentation and residue in the system, meaning that periodic shaking, stirring and circuit cleaning are not necessary.

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