WASHINGTON — The International Paint and Printing Ink Council Inc. (IPPIC) announced the publication of its Global Market Analysis for the Paint & Coatings Industry (2015-2020). Prepared for IPPIC by The ChemQuest Group Inc., the fifth edition of the Global Market Analysis (GMA) forecasts that global demand for coatings will grow at an annual rate of 4.3% over the next five years, resulting in a 2020 volume of 50 billion liters; and a value of $178 billion is forecast, representing a 4.7% growth rate between 2015 and 2020.

The newest GMA provides comprehensive market research, covering the global paint and coatings industry in more than 175 countries. Topics of relevance to coatings manufacturers, end users, raw materials suppliers, and others interested in the industry are addressed in the report, which covers three primary categories of coatings: Decorative, Original Equipment Manufacturers and Special Purpose, as well as the many sub-segments within those categories.

To offer even more valuable information than before, the new edition of the GMA has been expanded.

In addition to five-year historical and forecast data by country and segment that has appeared in previous reports, this GMA includes an additional two-year historical and forecast view for each country.

The study’s Raw Material chapter has been expanded to include additional details and a new section on emerging technologies and trends, including sustainability.

The latest GMA drills down to offer a broader range of geographic sub-segments, providing information on more than 175 countries, as well as providing more comprehensive sub-segmentation details within the current market chapter structure. Examples include: automotive OEM (greater details on coatings for automotive plastics), other transportation (breakdown on heavy-duty truck, bus, aerospace and railroad coatings), general industrial (deeper analysis of agricultural and construction equipment (ACE) coatings) and industrial maintenance, in which additional detail is offered on fire-resistance and heat-resistant coatings.

The GMA also features a special chapter on industry mergers and acquisitions.

For more information or to purchase the Global Market Analysis for the Paint & Coatings Industry (2015-2020), visit www.paint.org/gma.