PITTSBURGH – The PPG coil and building products – exterior coatings group announced that Bonnell Aluminum, Carthage, Tennessee, has achieved PPG CAP CERTIFIED APPLICATOR PROGRAM™ (PPG/CAP) accreditation as a premier member.

Bonnell Aluminum joins a network of select commercial coatings applicators certified by PPG to apply high-performance fluoropolymer coatings such as DURANAR® liquid coatings to aluminum architectural components.

Guy Charpentier, Marketing Manager for Bonnell Aluminum, said membership in the PPG/CAP program helps differentiate the company. “Over the past 60 years, we have built a legacy of high-quality products and responsive service,” he explained. “Earning PPG Certified Applicator Program accreditation enhances that legacy and provides an added level of assurance for our customers, knowing that they are working with two of the most trusted companies in the industry.”

To qualify for PPG/CAP accreditation, applicators undergo rigorous auditing that encompasses all aspects of the coating process, from cleaning and pretreating the metal substrate to application of the coatings. The audit also includes a continuous training and education component and specifies paint application parameters and cure schedules.

PPG/CAP accreditation enhances the ability of coatings applicators to meet building industry demands for value-added products and solutions. The program offers architects, general contractors, glazing contractors and other customers the highest levels of quality, reliability and performance.

PPG-certified applicators provide sourcing of aluminum-coated components, well-trained people, fast-track service to meet tight construction deadlines, and state-of-the-art technology through well-managed manufacturing locations. To learn more about the PPG Certified Applicator Program, visit www.ppgmetalcoatings.com.