SÃO PAULO, Brazil – Cetec, a Brazilian leader in industrial painting equipment, is marking 24 years in business. The company counts it successful 24 years in business in part to combining a robust local manufacturing structure with a growing number of resellers. Cetec has supplied more than 20,000 machines to over 10,000 customers throughout South America.

“At the beginning, a significant part of our business was focused on the distribution of imported equipment. In recent years, however, we decided to invest in the development of our own models. As a result, we managed to expand the range of potential customers who started having access to products with international quality, but at prices adjusted to the Brazilian reality,” said Eduardo Cernic, Director of Cetec.

By strengthening its profile as a manufacturer, Cetec helped, for instance, to popularize airless painting machines. “With approximately $1,000, painters are able to get an SM-10, a machine we internally call ‘my first airless’”. It allows professionals to paint an area measuring 1,000 square meters in a single day. With roller and brush, very few painters are able to paint 200 square meters within the same period of time. Thanks to the success of the SM-10, which has been listed as a bestseller for the past two years, Cetec launched the SM-10 Plus Black Edition, a more robust machine with capacity to apply 2.2 liters of paint per minute.

“We also distribute the airless paint machines produced by the U.S. company Titan and the European company Exel Kremlin Rexson & Sames, which currently account for a little less than 40% of our liquid paint operation,” said Cernic. The company also joined the road marking segment with the launch of Tecline. Cernic noted, “This is another project fully developed in-house.”

The powder coating segment has also benefited from the improvements promoted by Cetec in its manufacturing structure – the company has, for example, a 3D printer for the development of prototypes. “The new displays of the Unique Plus machines provide the painter with all the information about the settings. This improves machine performance and reduces ink consumption.” In the gun, it is also possible to adjust the voltage and electric current, and the machine also features a vibrating base, a device that increases the speed during the color change process. “It is the only equipment of its kind in Brazil to have these technologies,” observed Cernic.

Network Expansion

To sell out the launches that are continuously being produced at its plant, Cetec’s sales department started looking for new resellers. This effort has been yielding positive results, and Cetec’s machines are now available in 81 locations across Brazil, an increase in 31 locations from a year ago.

In the past couple of months, Cetec entered into distribution agreements with Tintas MC, Tintas Verginia, Casa do Pintor, Amarelinha Tintas, Baratão das Tintas, Tintas Royal, Tintas 3 de Maio and Tintas Palmares. “We aim to close the year with at least 30 more addresses in our network of distributors,” added Cernic.