BASINGSTOKE, UK — Trident Powders Limited is celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2021. In five years, the company has established itself among the most innovative powder manufacturers in the UK.

Founded in 2016, with a goal of modernizing powder manufacture and supply in the UK, Trident Powders had a vision to be more than just a standard powder manufacturer. The company worked to become a partner to coaters, manufactures, architects, and design houses alike, excelling in working with customers to deliver bespoke powder solutions to meet exact requirements without compromising on quality.

In 2020, despite the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Trident Powders responded to customer needs and the changes placed on the industry by launching an e-commerce site that provides a simple and easy way for customers to order powder directly online. The company also invested in its anti-microbial/anti-bacterial range, which helps reduce the spread of germs on a surface, supplying bespoke powder for M&S to coat its hand sanitizer stations nationwide and working with partner coaters to prepare for the Nightingale hospital in London.

Today, Trident Powders is reported to have a reputation not only for the quality of its products but also the flexibility in its approach as a powder partner. The company offers a mix-and-match solution that includes:

  • Bespoke colors created to match customer needs,
  • Custom-built functional elements and finish, and
  • Flexible order quantities to reduce waste.

CEO Navi Badyal said, “We are immensely proud of our team here at Trident Powders and what we have achieved together, and with our partners, particularly in 2020! 

“At the heart of our culture is the customer; we are all passionate about delivering quality solutions that exceed our customers’ needs. Our chemists are constantly striving for quality across our product range, our manufacturing and production teams are driven to deliver the best lead-times in the industry, and our account management and after-sales teams thrive on interacting with and delighting our customers.  

“It wasn’t easy during the pandemic and the initial lockdown of last year, and like every business our main objective was to protect our people, both their welfare and their income, by keeping the business open and continuing to support our customers.

“One of the most obvious things for us to do was to offer online ordering for our customers, in particular for stock colours that they may be running low on.  In the coatings industry, the ability to order online is not something that is widely available, in fact I believe we were the first manufactures to offer the ability to order powder online.  Of course, we will always have our sales and account management teams available to help and support our customers, in particular when it comes to bespoke solutions which we are best known for, but it’s been great to be able to offer our customers that ability to just re-order online as and when they need to.

“We are excited about 2021 and what the future holds for Trident Powders, as we continue to develop our product range whilst supporting and delivering for our customers.”

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