Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings has launched new water-based floor coatings offering no hot-tire pickup and improved hot-tire staining resistance. AquArmor™ WBU Water-Based Urethane Floor Coatings are the next generation of high-performance, water-based, aliphatic urethane coatings. The coatings, which work on both floors and walls, deliver high-performance application and aesthetic characteristics that rival solvent-based products – with the added benefit of lower VOCs than solvent-based formulations.

The coatings’ wet edge application properties help to minimize the potential for roller lap marks, ensuring a consistent gloss sheen for GP4410 and a consistent satin sheen for GP4411 – the two finishes available in the line. After curing, the coatings offer the best resistance to hot-tire pickup and hot-tire staining compared to other water-based floor coatings, preventing tires from leaving excessive, permanent stains. The products also offer superior chemical-resistance properties, helping to enhance the aesthetics of automotive dealership showrooms, aircraft hangars, food and beverage facilities, warehouses, pharmaceutical processing facilities, and light manufacturing areas.

Giving applicators greater installation flexibility, AquArmor WBU Water-Based Urethane Floor Coatings have excellent 18-hour intercoat adhesion. This long recoat window helps with project scheduling, while ensuring an increased bond between coating layers when they’re applied within this window. Providing further efficiencies, the coatings also have a short dry time, permitting foot traffic at 18 hours, light traffic at 24 hours, and wheeled traffic at 48 hours to enable fast returns to service.

AquArmor WBU Water-Based Urethane Floor Coatings are available in multiple finishes and custom colors. Gloss-sheen GP4410 is available in clear, 10 standard colors and two tint bases, which can be custom tinted at a Sherwin-Williams store. GP4411 is only available in a clear satin finish. Applicators can also create a more durable finish by adding GP5240 aluminum oxide to either GP4410 or GP4411.

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