Hempel is introducing its new versatile high-build epoxy intermediate coating to help deliver longer service life for industrial assets. Hempaprime Multi 500 gives faster drying times and shorter minimum overcoat intervals for the oil and gas, infrastructure, and power generation sector.

Specifically designed to be fast drying to optimize productivity by shortening the man hours needed for application, Hempaprime Multi 500 enables three coats to be applied in 20% less time than current products without compromising on quality, strength, finish or the high-volume solids of the product.

It is a versatile coating that can be used as a direct-to-metal or on primed surfaces, as primer, intermediate or topcoat application and is also ideal for minor repairs, offering customers simplicity with a single coating solution. This high-performance solution assures a long service life for heavy industrial applications, helping to minimize maintenance requirements.

Due to the unique robustness of Hempaprime Multi 500, fast drying time, faster hardness development and improved cracking resistance, it is possible to move the coated steel or even build upon it faster, with a reduced risk of damaging the coating. This decreases the need for reblasting and recoating, saving time and money.

Features include:

  • Faster drying for increased productivity (up to 20% reduction in production time), allowing application of up to three coats in a single shift;
  • Easy application with no thinning required - optimized for easy spray, brush and roller application;
  • High volume solids (up to 85%) and reduced VOCs – kinder for the environment and decreases workers exposure;
  • Improved crack and wrinkle resistance even at high dry film thickness (DFT); and
  • Certified - meeting ISO 12944 C5-I High and pre-qualified to NORSOK's M-501, Ed. 6, system 1.

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