MIDLAND, MI – Three technologies from The Dow Chemical Co. (Dow), Midland, Michigan, are finalists for the 2017 ICIS Innovation Awards. ICIS, the world’s largest petrochemical market information provider, presents these awards to companies and individuals that demonstrate high levels of innovation in products and processes, provide benefits to the environment, and show progress toward sustainability.

Among the three finalists is ROPAQUE™ NT-2900 Opaque Polymer for BLUE 4EST™ Thermal Paper, nominated in the Innovation With Best Benefit For Environment and Sustainability category. ROPAQUE NT-2900 Opaque Polymer for BLUE 4EST Thermal Paper is a more sustainable thermal paper option for applications such as cash register receipts, tickets, tags and labels. The technology, which is compatible with existing printers, is free of chemical developers and removes chemicals of concern from production.

Winners of the ICIS Innovation Awards will be announced in October 2017.